The Open University
(2014 - 2019)

BSc (Hons) Computing & IT, Upper Second Class

Specialities included:
  • Web, cloud, and mobile technologies with PHP and JavaScript;
  • Software architecture, design, and engineering;
  • Interaction design and the user experience;
  • Testing, maintenance, and continuous integration;
  • Platform-independent development with Java and Python.

Thesis: Developing a desktop application to facilitate job tracking for IT technicians.
Advisor: Dr. Tim Coughlan.

Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies
(2012 - 2014)

BTEC Creative Media Production (Video Game Design)

Instruction included:
  • Designing and developing video games and related tools;
  • Artistic development and graphical design;
  • Agile methodologies, Scrum, use of Jira and Confluence;
  • Marketing strategy and creative writing;
  • Ethical and legal considerations.

Major Project: Cross-platform entertainment product development driven by Unreal Engine.
Advisor: Peter Salt.

Magen David Studios
(2018 - Present)

Freelance software engineering and web development

Services include:
  • Project management and product development for clients of various sizes;
  • HTML5, CSS3/4, Bootstrap, and JavaScript responsive development;
  • Java, PHP, C#, and Perl back-end and desktop development;
  • Client interaction and brand design;
  • Hosting (IIS, FreeBSD, NGINX/Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and WordPress services.
P.C. Station, Limited
(2012 - Present)

IT Consultant and Senior Technician

Responsibilities include:
  • Planning and designing system and network structures for clients;
  • Maintaining company systems and performing on-site maintenance work for clients;
  • Managing existing technical staff and relevant infrastructure for the wider company;
  • Develop and maintain company website and internal resources;
  • Formerly CS manager, CS representative, and warehouse staff.
Legendary Games, Limited

Beta Tester

  • Participated in alpha and beta testing of a video game as work experience during college.

> 10,000 SLOC: Java, HTML, CSS;
< 10,000 SLOC: SSI, Perl, JavaScript, C#, FORTRAN, PHP;
< 1,000 SLOC: Python, C, C++, Clojure, Scala, Swift.


Managers: NPM, Maven, Ant, CPAN, REPL, Leiningen;
Creative: JMonkeyEngine, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine;
Editors: Spacemacs, Vim, Sublime Text, Apache NetBeans.

Frameworks and Platforms

Frameworks: Swing/AWT, JavaFX, WordPress, Bootstrap, Vue.js;
Platforms: macOS, FreeBSD, Windows;
Hosting: NGINX, Apache, IIS, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

Associations and Memberships

Associate Member, Free Software Foundation;
Member, The Chartered Institute for IT;
Regular donor, Apache Software Foundation;
Regular donor, FreeBSD Foundation.

Writing and Popular Articles

Using Barrier to control multiple PCs with one keyboard and mouse for GNU/Linux, Windows, macOS;
Producing a multilingual Server Side Includes page;
The basic structure of a FORTRAN program;
Configuring FreeBSD for desktop usage with Window Maker;
How to annex puppets in Hearts of Iron IV.