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Project Licenser

Project Licenser was started in 2020 (5781). Frustrated by both the lack of functionality and the complexity of other websites that provide software and cultural licensing recommendations, I set about creating a foolproof tool to provide recommendations from a curated and modest array of licenses.

Project Licenser is free software. Both the content and the source code are released under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.0. Anyone is free to copy, distribute, modify, and sell this software under the terms of the license. Anyone can contribute to this project via the GitHub repository.

The full list of licenses currently implemented by the tool is available in the README file located in the GitHub repository, along with a diagrammatic representation of the decision tree in the DIAGRAM.PNG file.

Technologies: HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, FreeBSD, NGINX.
Foci: Instructive, intuitive, formulaic.

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This website

In the professional fields of computer science, it is no wonder that a web presence is considered a necessary component of the greater professional profile. It is, after all, one of the few direct demonstrations of applied knowledge that is readily accessible to others.

My current website represents the culmination of ten years of design evolution across various purposes and domains. It retains a simplistic, homecraftred character, whilst incorporating unintrusive touches of modern design trends and oft-sought functionality.

Whilst you are here, you can explore what freelance services I offer, read my résumé, or take a deep dive into my life via my my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Technologies: Bootstrap 4, PHP, FreeBSD, NGINX.
Foci: Formal, informative, traditional.

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As a user of FreeBSD as a server operating system, I frequently write short scripts and commandlets to speed up my regular operations. autoexec is one of my best scripts yet.

Jail management is a love-hate relationship for many of us. The power of FreeBSD's jails is unrivaled by even the strongest containerisation competitors, yet there are so few tools for operating and managing jails.

autoexec adds to that small yet growing pile. Built for iocage-managed jails, autoexec is a simple Perl script that allows users to execute commands across multiple jails with a single command, and it can even handle starting and stopping jails based on their initial state too.

Technologies: Perl, iocage, FreeBSD.
Foci: Practical, efficient, enhancement.

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avmerge is a simple Perl utility for merging audio and video files into a single file. It was created out of a need to merge such files after downloading them with automated scripts.

It requires ffmpeg to be installed and available as a global command.

Both the content and the source code are released under the terms of the BSD 2-Clause License. Anyone is free to copy, distribute, modify, and sell this software under the terms of the license. Anyone can contribute to this project via the GitHub repository.

Technologies: Perl, ffmpeg.
Foci: Practical, efficient, simple.

GitHub repository
Read Business Solutions, LLC
2018 to Present

Read Business Solutions, LLC is an independent bookkeeping firm based in Maine, USA. They provide accountancy services to a number of clients throughout the United States.

RBS founder J. Read contracted me to produce a modern website that would meld together both his professional image and his existing company identity. Focusing on speed and ease of use, as well as a need for a short turnaround, Bootstrap and PHP became the clear choice to deliver results.

The new web presence afforded to RBS by their company website provides them with access to a broader spectrum of clients, outside of their more intimate surroundings. This presence facilitates connections across the country and keeps prospective customers engaged with their offerings.

Technologies: Bootstrap 4, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, FreeBSD, NGINX.
Foci: Modern, open, vibrant.

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Innovation Enterprises, LLC

Innovation Enterprises is a family-owned farm in southern Indiana, USA. They produce a variety of microgreens, salad foods, and vegetables, as well as handmade beauty products produced from their tribe of goats.

They needed an e-commerce website to help expand their business and to centralise order management and payment. When they approached me for this project, I knew that WooCommerce would provide the perfect platform for their needs.

Combining the power of a WooCommerce storefront with extensive modifications to a free software WordPress theme, I produced a website that invites the visitor with an environmental atmosphere and a modern, vibrant taste. Their website continues to serve their ever-expanding business well.

Technologies: WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML5/CSS3.
Foci: Ecological, familial, friendly.

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Schrock Innovations, Inc

Schrock Innovations, Inc. is a family-owned IT services company headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, with facilities throughout the Midwest. They work with thousands of individual and corporate clients a year, providing them with technical expertise with a small business feel.

Supplementing their in-house software team, they have contracted my services on multiple occasions, covering everything from advising their systems administrator on NGINX and Let's Encrypt practices, to building bespoke Java applications for rapid deployment to their clientele.

Notable project purposes include upgrades to of their remote control session stack, production of new applications and tools, and the extension of existing in-house projects to provide new functionality.

Technologies: Java, Swing/AWT, C#, NGINX.
Foci: Functional, practical, simplistic.

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