Rachel Michaela Bradley BSc MBCS is a full-stack and desktop-oriented software engineer. As an independent consultant and developer, she provides IT, software, and general business products and resources to clients of all sizes around the world."

In her day to day work, Rachel works with a myriad of technologies to develop an array of products for her clients. Previous work includes full-stack e-commerce solutions built on WooCommerce, Java enterprise desktop appliances for IT technicians, and a variety of personal and professional front-end websites. Her services include software design and development, project management, and graphic design."

Embodying perseverance, she works hard to ensure that her products represent the highest level of craftsmanship that she can offer. She demands integrity and values straightforwardness. She strives to apply her moral vision on life, and she is willing to ask tough questions and hear difficult answers to overcome the adversity and conquer the challenges that she faces. All of this combines into a highly driven, motivated, ethical character that positively impacts her work and her colleagues every day."

Raised in a business-owning family in the United Kingdom, Rachel is the first member of her close family to graduate from University. She studied for her Bachelors at The Open University, conducting the majority of her studies remotely. Her focuses included user interaction design, software architecture, multi-platform targeting, and project lifecycle management."

When she isn't working, Rachel is a keen runner and an avid firearms enthusiast. On sports day, she enjoys cricket, baseball, and snooker. An adult convert to Judaism, she finds peace in connecting the ordinary with the spiritual. Passionate about music, she loves country, classical, big band, and pop standards. She owns both a piano and a violin and repeatedly insists to her friends that she will learn both someday. Keep an eye out for a Stetson and cowgirl boots in the crowd, as she wears them whenever she can get away with it.